This Black Protester Powerfully Speaks Out Against Injustice On Live TV

“Black people get shot every day, right?”

Protests have continued across Charlotte, North Carolina in the wake of the deaths of Keith Scott, killed on Tuesday, and Justin Carr, a man shot during a peaceful demonstration on Thursday. 

During a Fox News segment about the Charlotte protest on Wednesday, an unnamed protestor interrupted correspondent Steve Harrington halfway through his report. The young, black woman had some powerful things to say, calling out the danger of normalizing black deaths at the hands of police in America.

“Black people get shot every day, right?” she asked Harrington. “It’s okay for our brothers and our fathers not to come home, right?”

Harrington asked the protestor why she was still at the scene, given the fact another demonstrator had recently been shot. The woman replied:

“Because I serve a purpose, sir. My father serves a purpose, my brother serves a purpose. I’m here because guess what? Whether I’m here, [or] I’m in school, [or ]I’m in my car... I could still get shot by the police.”

Watch the woman’s entire impassioned response above. 



Protests Break Out In Charlotte After Police Shooting