High School Basketball Player Pulls Off Jaw-Dropping Solo Alley-Oop

Tyler Williams said he wanted to "spice up" the game.

Ever seen a one-man alley-oop in a real basketball game?

Take your chance now, because this one is spectacular.

Tyler Williams of Modesto Christian High School provided the over-the-top highlight during the NorCal Sports TV senior all-star game on Sunday in Livermore.

Williams faked past his opponent, scooped the ball at the backboard, caught it with one hand and dunked it through.

“The crowd had gone dead, probably from seeing the same old thing,” Williams told the Modesto Bee. “I had to spice it up a little bit ... get everyone going.”

It got outlets such as ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” Yahoo and Bleacher Report going as well.

And he got a nice shoutout from Modesto Christian.

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