This Café Will Give You A Free Meal If You Work Out For 6 Minutes

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Sounds like a deal to us!
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Sounds like a deal to us!

A European gym and fitness provider is offering patrons a delicious deal at their new pop-up café: work out and get a free meal.

At the “Run For Your Bun Café” in London, David Lloyd Clubs is billing its new venture as the “world’s first café that takes exercise as payment.” According to a press release, potential customers just need to book a lunch reservation, then complete a six-minute workout consisting of intervals on the rowing machine, spin bike, treadmill as well as sit ups, squats and lunges. After exercising, people can order one of four yummy, healthy options on the cafe’s menu ― for free.

The gym chain explained that the motivation behind the stunt is to get sedentary office workers away from their desks during the work day.

“According to our research British office workers spend almost 90 percent of the working day sat down being inactive and invariably eating lunch at their desks ― an issue compounded by the huge popularity and convenience of food and shopping delivery apps,” Elaine Denton, a health and fitness expert from David Lloyd Clubs said in a statement. “We want to remind workers of the importance of being active at work and moving around more.”

She added, “Importantly, the cafe isn’t in any way about encouraging people to ‘cancel out’ calories through exercise. Indeed, the micro workout at Run For Your Bun only represents a fraction of the calories contained in any of the lunch items.”

Though the deal is only open to Londoners from Jan. 11 - Jan. 13, the model is one we hope inspires lots of copycats around the globe. Interested parties can head to 3 Slingsby Place, Covent Garden, London from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. until Friday.

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