This Cafe In Thailand Is Helping Hundreds Of Burmese Refugees

Burma has been locked in a dangerous civil war for the past six decades. It's been classified as one of the world's longest running civil wars and yet you've probably never heard of it. With a total of 17 government recognized opposition armies active within Burma, the Burmese people are looking to get out of the country.

The closest bordering country to the south of Myanmar is Thailand and it's where many of their population are seeking refuge from the war. There are roughly 150,000 Burmese refugees in nine official camps on the Thai-Burma border. Some of these refugees have been in Thailand for 25 years. They are without their culture, values, and landscapes but it is the only means to escape their poverty-stricken homes that are populated with landmines. As recently as last year, Thailand has announced plans to send refugees back to their country.

Despite these tensions there are people in Thailand making an effort for Burmese refugees to feel at home in the country. The Free Bird Cafe and Thai Freedom House in Chiangmai is working to change things. The small cafe serves authentic Burmese cuisine by day, from Burmese staff, and offers an education to Burmese migrants who can't otherwise obtain an education by night.

Everyone deserves an education, healthy food, and shelter. The Free Bird Cafe and Thai Freedom House offer hope to migrants in a perpetual state of turmoil. This shining example is something we should all take to heart because even the smallest places can end up having a big impact.

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