This California Donut Shop Serves DONUT FRIES

Tucked away in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles is the sweetest little place. California Donuts, a staple in the community, just added a brand-new item fast food lovers with a sweet tooth will definitely want to get their hands on. 


On a recent crawl through LA with fellow Foodbeast Reach, we stopped by the 24-hour donut shop to check out the fries for ourselves. Served in a custom California Donuts fry container, each order comes with about six pieces. 

The donut fries also come in two flavors: Nutella-dipped with sprinkles and powdered sugar. They’re only available early in the day as they are made in limited batches. 

You can get the Nutella donut fries for $2 and the powdered sugar fries for $1.50.


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