This Cat Shows Us the Importance of Putting Our Hands (Paws) Up

This election has been exhausting - to say the least. Thus, it's important - as Americans, and humans - to do our duty, and at the same time, post-election, acknowledge we will all undoubtedly need a hardcore mental respite to get this out of our system. For some, that break will come in the form of exercise; for others, a visit to the movie theater to see the latest Benedict Cumberbatch film.

But for many, the choice is even more simple - cats online, in a variety of forms. Today, Tay Lor of Tallahassee, posted this image of her kitty in the Cool Cat Group on Facebook with the caption: "This has been an unbelievably difficult week, but my cat did this today and it gives me hope for the world. P.S. if anyone felt inclined to Photoshop this, you would literally make my week."


Well... the group listened. Here are some of their hilarious interpretations.

(Courtesy Bethan Grace Baldock/Facebook)

(Courtesy Tina Houang/Facebook)

(Courtesy Scott Heldorf/Facebook)

(Courtesy Tina Houang/Facebook)