This Chef Is Capturing Her Pregnancy Cravings With Funny Food-Filled Pics

"Who doesn’t want to dance to Ed Sheeran and eat burgers all day?"

Chef and TV host Eden Grinshpan is 36 weeks pregnant, and all she wants is “lots of carbs.”

Grinshpan has been documenting her pregnancy cravings on Instagram with photos and videos that show her eating food like burgers, fries and pizza, and people are loving her enthusiasm.

Working hard on that pregnancy bod 😄🍟🍟🍟🍔🤰🏻🍔🍟🍟🍟😄 #edeneatsfor2

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The host of “Eden Eats” uses a hashtag of the same name to share her food adventures with her followers. When she became pregnant, she created the hashtag #EdenEatsFor2 to document the “incredible experience” of being pregnant, cravings and all.

“When I got pregnant and started to feel those cravings and indulging in them, I thought it would be fun to make it more focused on the pregnancy and showing what that food journey looks like,” she told The Huffington Post.

During her first trimester, Grinshpan “lived off of challah.” Now, she craves carbs and has doughnuts “on [her] mind a lot.”

Thousands of people have liked Grinshpan’s #EdenEatsFor2 photos and have commented to say her cravings have rubbed off on them and that she’s “awesome” for sharing her pics. Grinshpan told HuffPost she thinks the posts are so popular because they capture “the fun aspect of pregnancy.”

“Being goofy and enjoying/embracing the changes in your body and the ridiculous cravings, it’s something we all can relate to whether you are pregnant or not,” she said. “I am just putting it all out there and people are enjoying it because I think they want to do the same. Who doesn’t want to dance to Ed Sheeran and eat burgers all day?”

Watch the video below to see Grinshpan do just that.

Grinshpan has also received some negative comments about the food she’s been eating, but the “very little” feedback like this doesn’t bother her since most people don’t know what she’s really eating while pregnant.

“The people who reach out are concerned with the amount of bad food I am giving my baby, but honestly when I am not indulging and shooting these fun pics, I am very healthy,” she told HuffPost. “I believe in moderation. Yes, I am indulging way more than I ever have during my pregnancy, but I am also balancing everything out with vegetables, fish, lean proteins and food that will help my baby be strong and healthy.”

🍕✨Our Oscar party is LIT!!✨🍕#edeneatsfor2 💪🏼

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Grinshpan told HuffPost she and her husband are “having the best time” documenting these food-filled photos on her pregnancy journey. She already has plenty of ideas on what dishes she’ll make with her daughter as she grows up.

“I always have these visions of us flipping pancakes together or baking cookies, lots of chocolate chip cookies,” she said. “It’s going to be so sweet.”

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