Christmas Carol Sung By A Computer Is Probably The Theme Song For Hell

The lyrics include the melodic lines: "I've always been there for the rest of our lives / A hundred and a half hour ago."

Well, we did it: We found the Christmas song of your nightmares.

Researchers in Toronto taught a computer to write and sing a holiday carol using a technology called “neural karaoke,” in which they fed the computer popular music and festive imagery for inspiration.

The result is 57 seconds of hell.

The lyrics are incredibly bizarre and involve statements like “I hope that’s what you say,” with no intimation as to who the “you” or the “I” is. There’s also a very disconcerting mention of “music coming from the hall.” Is this what we hear before we die?

Apparently, the computer that wrote this song listened to 100 hours of Christmas music to nail down a melody and then it added chords and drums, according to The Guardian. It was also shown pictures, and lyrics based on the words associated with those pictures, to create the horror you just listened to.

Why was this a venture that time, energy, and money was put into? We may never know. But, maybe, we did just find out the inspiration for The Nightmare Before Christmas 2.



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