This Comic Illustrates the Difference Between the Terms 'Latino' and 'Hispanic'

"They're actually not interchangeable."

If you still don’t know the difference between the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic,” perhaps this mini comic from cartoonist Terry Blas will help you gain a better understanding of what the two words mean.

Blas, whose mother is Mexican and father is white, said his comic "You Say Latino" was inspired by his bicultural upbringing. 

“Growing up I was closer and more familiar with my mom’s side of the family,” wrote Blas in the comic. “So I started saying ‘I’m Hispanic’ or ‘I’m Latino’ and using them both interchangeably.” It wasn’t until he visited New York City as a missionary and met people from “almost every country in Latin America,” that he said he was finally able to understand the difference between both terms. Now he’s out to share what he’s learned with others, through the mini comic below.

In a disclaimer posted on Tumblr, Blas wrote his comic provides “decidedly simple answers to some very complex terms that have a lot of meanings,” and is not intended to be a definitive breakdown of each term’s uses.

“The views expressed in this comic are mine and come from an American perspective,” Blas wrote. “While I’m Latino and Hispanic, I’m American as well and my experiences in respect to my ancestry and culture have been seen through that lens.”

So without further ado, here's Blas' "admittedly American" breakdown of the difference between the terms "Latino" and "Hispanic": 


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