WATCH: This Company Is Cutting Food Waste And Boosting Community Health

Daily Table is providing affordable nutrition to a community in Massachusetts

Every day, one in six Americans goes hungry. Meanwhile, we waste 20 pounds of food per person per month. Doug Rauch, a former president of Trader Joe's, is trying to correct both problems at once.

Rauch founded Daily Table, a grocery store in Dorchester, Mass., which aims to provide nutritious food at a price that is affordable for the community. The store rethinks the expiration dates on food, which are less about actual food safety and more about display.

By selling food that would otherwise be prematurely discarded, Daily Table can offer nutritious food to a community with a 28% obesity rate. "We can end up offering [a] product for the same price or less than other fast food or less nutritious options," Rauch said on HuffPost Rise.

His ultimate goal is to revolutionize food policy in America. "We need to step back and rethink, pretty much from the farm bill on up, what's our food policy in America really serving? All six out of six Americans, not just five out of six Americans."