This Company Is Turning Your Trash Into High-End Fashion And Art

"Are we at a tipping point with the amount of waste that we're creating?"

Eco-fashion designer Nancy Judd found a way to turn your trash into high-end art and clothing.

Judd explained to HuffPost Rise that she always thought about what happens to the tons of trash Americans produce. Some of it gets recycled, she said, some gets composted, “but the majority of it goes into a landfill.” She started Recycle Runway as a way to help educate people about the environment.

“I often get asked, ‘Why do I make garments out of trash?’ What’s the point of doing this work?,’” she said. “And really it has to do with finding another way of engaging people and talking about what’s happening to our planet. I found fashion is a really effective way of doing that.”

The types of materials Judd uses for her pieces run the gamut from aluminum cans to old cassette tapes, rusty nails and car parts.

“I have certainly done my fair share of dumpster diving,” Judd said.

The video above was produced by Alex Kushneir and edited by Chai Dingari.

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