These Vacation Illustrations Prove The Greatest Couples Are Also Best Friends

It's the key to love 💕

She loves to doodle, and he loves to take pictures. At a time when selfies are the quintessential vacation mementos, this couple found a different way to tell the world that they’re out and about.

For their Instagram project titled Doodledeux, the travelers created miniature caricatures, Abang and Neng, which they draw on paper and photograph at museums, beaches, street fairs, aquariums and other vacation spots.

“Doodle according to free dictionary means ‘to draw or sketch something aimlessly,’” the couple wrote on Instagram. “Deux in French means ‘two’ or it can also mean ‘about them.’ So doodledeux is our personal project where we share our story as a couple.”

The doodles range from images of the couple fighting over the last piece of almond chocolate cake at IKEA, flying in a hot air ballon in Indonesia, or taking cover under an umbrella in Singapore.

Scroll down for more of Abang and Neng’s adventures.

This piece originally appeared on HuffPost France and has been translated into English.