After Meeting On Twitter, This Couple Is Live-Streaming Their Wedding On Periscope

Bryanna Mazzella and Kyle Harris met three years ago on Twitter. So it's only fitting that they're incorporating relatives and loved ones into their upcoming nuptials through Twitter's very own live-streaming service, Periscope.

"We have a bunch of people in different countries and other states who can't make it to the wedding, and we thought with all the live-streaming technology out now, it's just a perfect way to let them be with us on our day," Harris told HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "I just think it's a great tool to have."

Having accumulated an online following, the couple can also use Periscope to invite fans from Twitter and Instagram to witness their vows at no cost.

"Just to have our family and friends from other places to be able to be with us, at least just in spirit and vibe, is amazing for us," said Mazzella.

Watch HuffPost Live's full conversation with Bryanna and Kyle above.

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