This Couple Says They Can Orgasm For A Whopping 18 Hours

Move over, Sting.

When you’re having this much sex, apparently there’s no such thing as TMI.

On Wednesday, Melanie and Scott McClure appeared on British daytime talk show “This Morning” to tout the joys of tantric sex. The couple claimed to be able to orgasm for hours on end, even when they’re in separate rooms.

“You can have a full-body, completely ecstatic, blissful orgasm that’s actually more powerful than anything you’ve ever done before without the traditional release and the drain of energy,” Scott said.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield were flabbergasted by the couple’s anecdotes and endurance.

“You must drive your neighbors bonkers,” Willoughby said.

“We’re shocked they haven’t called the cops on us yet,” Scott joked.

Once the interview was over, all it took was a subtle innuendo from Scofield ― “and still to come...” ― for the two hosts to lose it.

“Cut to the break!” Scofield said, fighting back laughter.

See the full interview below: