Welcome To The Bakery That Makes Margarita Cupcakes WITH Tequila

Or perhaps you'd prefer their signature Tamale con Mole cupcakes?

Los Angeles’ Viva Los Cupcakes is serving up margarita cupcakes so authentic, they come with two shots of tequila.

“There’s tequila in the batter, the frosting also has tequila in it. So I guess you can say it’s a double shot,” Karina Jimenez, the store’s owner and baker, told We are mitú.

The cupcake entrepreneur, who grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, is the subject of a recent video by the outlet, posted Wednesday. Jimenez left a desk job to create the colorful cupcakes inspired by Mexican flavors.

In addition to the margarita flavor, Jimenez makes and sells fresas con crema cupcakes, conchita cupcakes, churro con cajeta cupcakes, tres leches cupcakes and more.

“My weirdest cupcake is our tamale with mole cupcake, which is actually our signature cupcake,” Jimenez said. “There’s no chicken in our mole, it’s dessert mole. It’s three kinds of chocolates and, of course, there’s a spicy kick.”

In 2013, she told OC Weekly that her desk job involved “mind-numbing” reports and she now cherishes being able to do something different.

“I love the creative process in the kitchen as much as I love interacting with people and watching them be surprised and enjoy something I have made,” she said.

And we'd love to eat these cupcakes. Yum.

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