This Cyclist Is Peddling Hope For Anyone Who's #WithHer

This bike rider is trying to bring some levity to a stressful time.

On Tuesday night, every single minute of the election had America’s anxiety soaring.

One man, however, had a small contribution that showed a lot of heart.

Paul Baudhuin, from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, posted screenshots of his bike ride on election night, and the shape was one that everyone who’s #WithHer will recognize.

Baudhuin told The Huffington Post that “find[ing] things to ‘draw’” on his bike is a hobby of his. He felt compelled to do the “H” for Hillary insignia because he wanted to publicly say that he’s “with her.”

Paul Baudhuin on his bike.
Paul Baudhuin on his bike.

“As a cis-gender, straight, white, male, I [had to] realize that I tend to benefit no matter who wins, but that is not true for those who don’t fall into all of those intersections,” he told The Huffington Post. “I am deeply concerned for any marginalized people right now. As a pastor, I feel a responsibility to stand up for marginalized people.”

Baudhuin hopes his ride added “levity and light heartedness” to this stressful time. 



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