This Dad-Baby Dance Class Looks Like Buckets Of Fun

Dancing dads + baby carriers = awesome

Becoming a parent changes everything, but it doesn't have to hinder your ability to dance! These twirling dads know that better than anyone.

In this video from GroovaRoo Dance -- a San Diego dance studio specializing in parent-baby classes -- some baby carrier-clad fathers do a choreographed routine to Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music." As they carry their infants, the dads boogie away and bond with their families.

The video has racked up over a million views on Facebook. As the caption notes, "For a bunch of dads that claim they don't dance, they were 'dancin' and singin' and movin' to groove' just to show these mamas how much they appreciate them. And that's the greatest love of all!"

Too cute!

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