This Dad Played A Prank On His Wife And People Are Loving It


Bobby and Rayena Wesson love to play pranks on each other.

“My wife is very playful and such a good sport,” Bobby told The Huffington Post. “This kind of thing is our love language.”

But the Alabama couple was amused to see one of their recent prank experiences go viral. In honor of April Fools’ Day, Bobby shared a trick he played on Rayena a few weeks earlier on Facebook.

Rayena is a nurse who works night shifts. During her shift break one evening a few weeks ago, Bobby decided to try out a prank involving their 3-year-old son Deacon.

The dad made his wife believe their toddler had given himself a terrible haircut, just before a scheduled family portrait session.

”I came up with the idea because she was so diligent in selecting a photographer, scheduling and getting family pictures done,” Bobby told HuffPost, adding that they’d just taken Deacon to get his haircut at a salon almost an hour away from home.

“He is a nightmare in a barber’s chair,” the dad added. “He pitches a fit and screams and raises all sorts of hell and she is the only one that can take it.”

Needless to say, Rayena was not pleased that Deacon had apparently done his own touch-ups at home.

Things escalated further when Bobby said he “fixed it some.”

Upon seeing another photo of Deacon, Rayena wrote, “My sweet baby looks like a potato.”

Then, the dad came up with another brilliant solution...

Once Rayena decided to leave work early, though, Bobby came clean about his photo-editing trick.

Bobby’s Facebook post about the prank reached over 18,000 likes and appeared on the popular Love What Matters page, where it received over 40,000 likes.

His own parents shared their thoughts about the prank on Facebook as well, and it was pretty clear they were Team Rayena.

Although Deacon didn’t quite understand what was going on, Bobby said the toddler thought his fake haircut made him look like a police officer, thanks to a special video shout-out he once received from an Arkansas patrolman.

When Rayena arrived home the next morning around 8 a.m., her husband had prepared her a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. After changing out of her hospital scrubs, the mom went straight to Deacon’s room to confirm it was actually a trick.

“I could hear her laughing coming into the kitchen behind me,” Bobby told HufPost. “Then she kicked me in the ass barefoot while I was fixing her a plate. She then kissed me and whispered in my ear that this was far, faaar from over, and we laughed about it and ate pancakes.”

The Wessons have experienced viral fame before. In 2015, Bobby wrote a touching tribute to Rayena to acknowledge the hard work she does as a nurse.

“I want folks to know that I have so much respect for the work my wife, her co-workers and all nurses perform everyday,” he said, adding that she takes her job and commitment to her team seriously.

“I had this prank ready and waiting for a month before I had the chance to pull the trigger on it because she so rarely gets an easy night and the opportunity to actually sit down and eat. I wouldn’t dream of rattling her while she was under the gun in the trauma unit,” he explained. “My wife is a good sport, a better nurse and my best friend. I couldn’t imagine adulting without her.”

Bobby said he hopes people who read about his prank get a good laugh.

“If someone is inspired to prank their loved ones all the better,” he added. “The world has plenty of room for fun stuff like that, and if not, we can push some bullshit aside and make room.”

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