9/11 Exploitation Advertising: Still A Bad Idea

I'm not sure that the 9/11 attacks should ever be used as an advertising hook for anything, but this advertisement for a French newspaper, Courrier International, surely isn't going to win any fans by combining 9/11 iconography with smart-assed self gloating.

Created by Saatchi Saatchi France, the ad takes Courrier's "Learn to anticipate" tagline and imagines a world where if the architects of the World Trade Center had only been smart enough to anticipate the 9/11 attacks -- by making the Twin Towers much shorter -- the events of that day would have simply been a seriocomic scenario in which the hijacked passenger planes "missed" the buildings.

This comes via Copyranter, who include a concise history of 9/11sploitation in advertising. Meanwhile, I live four miles from the Pentagon, so, what funny ha-has do you have for me, Courrier International?

[Hat Tip: Delrayser. Copyranter is a recommended daily read, so bookmark accordingly.]

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