This Debate, Donald Trump Proved He's A Giant Man-Baby

During the third debate, things got heated around the 20-minute mark when the "civil" discussion turned to talking about the dangers of Russia and their shady leader. As Hillary baited Trump into talking about Putin, his response was, "Putin's not my best friend!"

This snap reaction is literally the same words children use when you accuse them of being BFFs with the classmate with the most cooties. Trump was able to keep from completely filling his diapers only momentarily.

Seconds later, Trump insisted that Hillary and Obama were being outsmarted by Russia. Hillary, in retort, pointed out that Putin was actually outsmarting Trump by making him believe he was an ally. Hillary insinuated that Trump would be a "puppet" to Putin, which is some of the most aggressive rhetoric she has used during the debates.

This comment was too much for big baby Donny. He took the bait, again like a child on the schoolyard, and responded with rage, "Not a puppet. Not a puppet. You're the puppet. You're the puppet!"

Fact check: Donald Trump is a man-baby.

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