This Delightful Bro Threw Flowers Down To NYC Marchers


There was a lot of goodness happening in various cities this past weekend at the Women’s March, but this particular moment is definitely one of our favorites. On Saturday, New Yorker Thomas “Tommy” Keane threw flowers into the unsuspecting crowd from a friends’ balcony and the marchers loved it.

The scene looked like this:

Keane, who spoke to Elite Daily about his decision to throw flowers over the NYC Women’s March, said that he bought the flowers en route to his friend’s place. He made a stop at a store to get “beers for his boys and some flowers to take to dinner for his mom” and sister. 

“Upon checkout, I realized that my mother and sister were not the only ones who deserved flowers, especially on a day like Saturday, so I decided to buy a whole bunch of flowers and hand them out to all the ladies who were patiently waiting in line and in the crowd,” he told Elite Daily.

Once he saw how big the crowd was, Keane changed his plan and decided that it’d be “much more fun” to toss them off the balcony. His friends even took a video of him from the balcony as he threw the flora. 

This one goes out to all you ladies #womensmarch #women #itgetsthepeoplegoing #flowerbae

A video posted by Tom Keane (@thekeanemeister) on

 The Women’s March crowd was really feeling Keane’s random act of kindness and so are we.

Keane told Elite Daily that he “wasn’t trying to send a message or make it about me,” adding: “I just did it to show my support, to provide some energy and enthusiasm and to hopefully make a few ladies laugh or crack a smile.”

Well, Tommy, we’d say you succeeded.



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