This Devastated Kid Sang Fetty Wap To Her Dead Fish In Bizarrely Hilarious Video

Jayla's rendition of "679" is soooo sad, yet soooo funny.

YouTuber Jazmyne Gleaton helped her little sister Jayla hold a sad, yet inadvertently hilarious funeral for her dead goldfish.

Jazmyne filmed Jayla hysterically crying as she walked to the burial ground (toilet) with her goldfish lying lifeless in its casket (paper towel) as Jazmyne patronizingly sings "Goin' Up To Yonder" as any sibling would. 

"Shut up!" Jayla orders her sister before going into her eulogy. "My Nemo! We had good times."

Jayla then starts singing a choked up rendition of her goldfish's favorite song, Fetty Wap's "679," with tears streaming down her face. After a moment of silence, Jayla flushes Nemo and runs away screaming. Her older sister hugs her but Jayla isn't having it once she sees the camera's still rolling. 

You may be devastated, Jayla, but you made our day.

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