This Drag Queen Airline Safety Video Is Everything You Need Today

Werk & serve...

We sure wish we were assigned class projects like this in college!

Elia Chechick, a visual communications student at the Bezalel Arts School in Jerusalem, put together this drag queen airline safety video for one of her classes -- and the results are absolutely gag-worthy.

Not only is the video, called "Priscilla -- Queen of the Sky," impressively high quality and well-executed, but it plays on a larger cultural trend of quirky airline saftey videos making their rounds on the Internet over the past couple of years.

The song is a parody of gay anthem "Let's Have A Kiki" by Scissor Sisters and also draws inspiration from the iconic film "'Priscilla Queen of the Desert."

“It was a serious challenge to find a place to film the clip, because there aren’t a lot of airlines based in Israel," Chechick told Ynet News. "I just tried to contact all the major companies, private planes, and anything else I could find. We got a lot of ‘no’. It took us a few months to find a place... El Al gave us access to one of their flight attendant training aircraft, which was the ultimate place to film... El Al were really great about it, and supported the shoot for 6 hours straight, and for free.”

Check out "Priscilla -- Queen of the Sky" for yourself above!

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