This Election Is Too Important To Only Vote Once

No, don't commit voter fraud. Volunteer.
Clinton supporters at an event on the night of the New Hampshire Primary, February 9th.
Clinton supporters at an event on the night of the New Hampshire Primary, February 9th.

I was sitting in a political science class earlier today and a student spoke about her fear of a Trump victory next week, “I already voted, so there’s nothing else I can do.”

That’s not true, there’s lots more you can do.

This election is too important to only vote once. No, you shouldn’t commit voter fraud, but you should volunteer. And this is the weekend to do it—take two hours to make a difference.

In the final days of the election, campaigns across the country run “get out the vote” operations. They need all the help they can get in their last pushes to contact voters and make sure that Democrats get to the polls.

I recently recalled an exchange I had with a Marco Rubio staffer while doing research in New Hampshire. At one event a week before the primary, a staffer stopped me to ask for my help.

Staffer: “Will you help us with our final push to election day?”

Me: “Sorry, I’m a proud Democrat.”

Staffer: “We’re better than Trump.”

Me: “Yep, and I promise I’ll work hard to beat him in the general.”

Like just about everyone else, in January I didn’t expect to have to work against Trump in November, but that only increases the importance of working to elect Clinton this weekend. A two-point swing in the national popular vote could have a major effect on some swing states. Trump doesn’t need to win the popular vote to become president, he just needs enough votes in the right states. Nate Silver predicts some of Clinton’s closest must-win states are New Hampshire, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but others swing states are even closer.

The Economist ranks Donald Trump as one of the most serious global risks in our world right now. In fact, his presidency is tied with jihadi terrorism destabilizing the global economy and an armed conflict in the South China Sea. Despite all this, the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic demagogue is polling above 45 percent—that’s why you need to vote with your feet or your phone as well as your ballot.

I think we can agree this isn’t a normal election, so don’t treat it like one.

It’s easy to volunteer, spend a few hours this weekend making a difference. Fill out this form for Hillary Clinton’s campaign or Google the contact information for your local Democratic office.

Between now and Election Day, I’ll be pounding the pavement in some of tightest parts of the country, I hope you will too.