This Entire Instagram Account Is Dedicated To Hot Dudes Eating Hummus

Because why not?

Prepare to get hot, bothered and... hungry. 

We happily present to you: Hot Dudes And Hummus, a delicious Instagram account that follows the footsteps of feeds like Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Kittens and Hot Dudes In Bed. The account features smokin' hot guys eating hummus in restaurants, outdoors, on top of cars and (best of all) in bathing suits.

Male Hummus eaters can submit their photos via email or DM in order to be featured on the account, which calls itself "Israel's yummiest tag." No doubt about that. 

Keep scrolling to see a few pictures of the sexy trend you didn't know you needed.

Head over to Instagram to see more from Hot Dudes And Hummus.



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