This Exclusive 'Traders' Clip Shows Sam Tarly Is Out Of Control Without Jon Snow

Jon Snow, watch your boy.

Some things on “Game of Thrones” go together like peanut butter and jelly: the Starks and their direwolves, Joffrey and resting bitch face, and, of course, Sam Tarly and Jon Snow. (Actors Kit Harington and John Bradley, who play Jon and Sam, are even BFFs in real life.)

Sadly, since someone had the bright idea to separate those two, everything has gone to the Seven Hells.

Snow is King in the North now, but remember that’s only after he was killed in Season 5. After the Season 6 finale, we thought Sam was going to be cool just chillin’ at the library, but this exclusive clip from “Traders” begs to differ: 

In the film ― admittedly set outside the “GoT” universe ― times are desperate, so people make “trades” by emptying their bank accounts and fighting to the death over them, winner-take-all.

Does that sound like a questionable way to earn a living? Well, you can thank Bradley’s character, Vernon. (Jon Snow, your boy is officially out of control.) In this exclusive clip, Vernon tries to convince his friend Harry (Killian Scott) to go for one more big trade.

Gosh. You leave Sam alone for five minutes and stuff like this happens. Where’s Jon Snow when you need him?

“Traders” is now available on iTunes and cable video on demand.



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