This Fan's Tears Are Fast And Furious After Meeting The Rock

Prepare for your heart to tap out.

The Rock is cooking up a surprise.

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to wear mascot costumes of themselves and surprise fans at Universal Studios on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” It seemed like an innocent enough idea. Then, after some hugs and high-fives, the pair decided to photobomb a few of the park’s guests, and this happened: 

After seeing Johnson, one fan revealed The Rock has been his hero since he was 5 years old. (He even has a big tattoo of him.) When Johnson removed his mask, the guy just couldn’t handle it.

The tears were fast and furious.

The “Fate of the Furious” star and Fallon then posed with the fan to give him a proper picture. If you had any doubts, this is why Dwayne Johnson is the People’s Champ. 

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