This Gender-Swapping 'Hamilton' Performance Is The Future Of Broadway


"Hamilton" has broken boundaries on Broadway. That we know. 

With a cast almost entirely composed of people of color playing historically white individuals, the current of subversion runs throughout Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash hit. Now it's time to take it one step further. 

Every year, the Broadway community gathers at MCC Theater’s Miscast Gala to give performers the chance to inhabit roles they might never have the chance to play. "Hamilton," given its popularity and progressive bent, was a natural choice to deconstruct and put back together during the event this past April. 

Three young Broadway stars -- Luca Padovan of "School of Rock," Joshua Colley of "Les Misérables" and Douglas Baldeo of "Kinky Boots" -- took the stage to perform "The Schuyler Sisters," a song typically performed by the leading ladies of "Hamilton." Ana Villafañe from "On Your Feet" was also on hand to play Aaron Burr. 

The performance slays so hard we're at a loss for words, but if we were to sum it up in one GIF, it would be: 

And for the record, "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is totally behind the idea of a person of any gender playing any role, as long as it makes sense with the music. 

"It's a complicated answer," Miranda told an audience during an event at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. "My only trouble with doing it on Broadway is [music] keys. Because changing keys is a pain. You can actually hear ... how tough it is just to write a duet for a guy and a girl to sing together. It's a challenge as a writer for them both to sound good. So that's my trouble."

"That being said, no one's voice is set in high school," he added. "So I'm totally open to women playing founding fathers once this goes into the world. I can't wait to see kick-ass women Jeffersons and kick-ass women Hamiltons once this gets to schools."

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