This Generation Is Triggered

We're all looking for our next cause. We all want something to spew our opinions about on social media. We know ourselves (or our profiles) well enough to know what fits into our own specific worldview. Developing and sharing this worldview is more important than ever thanks to social media but this also causes us to challenge the views around us.

Some of us verge on trolls but most of us have become passionate defenders of our own specific worldview. It's not about this generation being the worst generation ever. It seems nobody genuinely likes anybody anymore. We push people to stay "woke" but the moment we find something that doesn't align with our views of another person -- we condemn.

Look, this isn't everyone. In fact this sort of phenomenon seems solely reserved for social media and larger platforms meant to inspire discussion in the comments. This video from the ReyRoShow is calling out the bullshit. He has criticisms of our criticism. He believes that the moment we align with any sort of cause, we have another community turn into a mob against us.

It seems we're not "woke" if we're not spitting the perfectly structured politically correct argument. We're so quick to attack those who might not see the world the way we do that we've become triggered. We sit behind keyboards and wait for things that don't align with our political agenda.

We shrug people off as social justice warriors, we thrive off of confrontation, and we enjoy making people into social martyrs. We need to be less concerned with regurgitating hateful rhetoric or pushing our own worldview, and start listening to one another. We need to unite to stimulate thought and challenge each other. Take your finger off the trigger.

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