This Girl Travels the World and Takes Fantastic Photos... Of Her Feet

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We all have our strange photos that we take in different places, and travel blogger Kimmie Conner of Adventures & Sunsets is no different. She travels far and wide, to amazing views and landmarks, to beautiful places and across oceans, and she takes photos of her feet in each location. Here is what she had to say:


Ever since I started traveling I have had a 'tradition' picture to take photos of my feet.... in different places, scenes, doing different things, in front of views or hanging over cliffs, dirty after festivals, tired in the airport... etc. Scenes that really got the gist of what I was doing and the feel of wherever I was.

I have been doing this just over three years now, ever since I started traveling. I have just decided to group these by year on my blog, but have shared my best ones here with HuffPost.

I grew up with a flight attendant mother and pilot father, one British and one American. I always say I got the travel bug from them! I really got hooked on traveling when I first studied abroad during university. I went to Italy to study, and backpacked a bit around Europe. I've had the travel bug ever since, and have actually been taking these strange photos of my feet ever since, too.

2015 was a massive year for me and my traveling. I started my blog, moved to London to live and work there for half a year, got my dream job as an 18-35 tour guide in Croatia for the summer, spent a bit of time back at home in California, traveled around Southeast Asia for two months with one of my best friends, and rung in the New Year traveling solo in Malaysia. It was quite the year of growth and adventure, as the photos below will definitely confirm.

In 2016 I backpacked around Australia for a month before settling into Manly Beach in Sydney to save up some money - and of course still adventuring around the area in every free chance I got. Exploring Australia has been incredible, as the photos will also definitely confirm :)

I'm not entirely sure why I started doing this.... my feet aren't all that attractive and basically always have small chips of old nail polish somewhere and are slightly dirty because I don't like to wear shoes... but it has evolved into a tradition nonetheless that brings back tons of memories and also appreciation for shoes that have been there for me through it all ;) It now means quite a lot to me to get a good, meaningful, or encompassing 'foot' picture, and I have been increasing my scope and skill since I began as a wee little backpacker in continental Europe for the very first time with an iPhone 5.

So here is my journal of The World & My Feet - I hope you enjoy!



One of my favorite hikes I have ever done. When there's a higher mountain to climb, always climb it! - Kotor, Montenegro


Touring the Cu Chi tunnels just outside Saigon in Vietnam. During the war, the Viet Cong lived and operated out of these underground tunnels, with hundreds of entrances not much larger than my laptop. Terrifying! Read more about my experience here - Cu Chi, Vietnam


On my quest to find the best views of Sydney, I think I found a winner here. -Lavender Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia


When you follow a tiny little trail up a hill in Scotland and come to this view - Loch Rathvun, Scottish Highlands


Sitting on a tree hanging my feet over a few hundred feet of waterfall - Luang Prabang, Laos


When your best friends come to visit you in England, take them to Brighton to soak up some English sun (when it exists!) -Brighton, UK


Stillness and motion in flowing water - Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


What better place to watch the sunset over Vang Vieng's dramatic mountains than a hammock? -Vang Vieng, Laos


A great way to pay it forward while traveling in Thailand is to volunteer at Care for Dogs. You can walk, bathe, and play with rescued feral and abandoned dogs to help ready them for adoption in a new home. Just look at those adorable puppies! - Chiang Mai, Thailand


Exploring my new home city - London, UK


Taking a little snack break maaaaybe just about half way up the highest mountain in Wales/England, and before walking along a ridge with a few thousand foot drop on either side. Such an adventure! (see photos here) - Snowdonia National Park, Wales


Rock climbing on a cold snowy day - Joshua Tree National Park, California


How I wake up each morning on the boat in Croatia - with a coffee and the Adriatic. - Somewhere along the Adriatic, Croatian coast


About to go cliff jumping - Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, Thailand


Good friends and a great Aussie country sunset - Myella Farm, Queensland, Australia


Touring the Roman Baths - Bath, England


The only way to get to Manly Beach's secret rock pools involves scaling a cliff. Sounds like my type of adventure. Manly Beach, Australia


Exploring the incredible island of Penang with my cool new $5 Indian shoes and a few remnants of the Full Moon party on my toes :P - Penang, Malaysia


Staying on a 3rd level bed in a 26 bed tiki hut hostel dorm called Spicy Pai. Definitely one of the most unique places I have ever stayed! - Pai, Thailand.

The highest point of the walls around Dubrovnik, Croatia


One of my favorite markets in London - Columbia Rd Flower market, Shoreditch, London


A nice vantage point to get a little work done in my aunt's remote house in Scotland. - Nairn, Scotland


Exploring the colorful houses of Notting Hill - London, UK


Exploring the shipwrecks of Shipwreck beach - San Juan, Puerto Rico


A Holocaust memorial site protesting the apparent denial of the Hungarian involvement in the Holocaust by the government - Budapest, Hungary


One of my favorite things to recommend to my passengers in Makarska is to go parasailing next to the highest mountains in the country. But sometimes tour guides have to have fun too, right? - Makarska, Croatia


Amazing blue rock pools hidden within Manly's massive cliffy North Head - Manly, Australia


Waiting for my ferry at sunset - Venice, Italy


Getting some unique views from the highest point in Sydney - Sydney Tower Eye, Australia


You can't tell here, but I am actually sitting on the edge of the Tower Bridge to appreciate the sunset. - London, UK


Taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of (two of) the twelve apostles. - Victoria, Australia


Had to take part in the famous 'tubing pub crawl' in Vang Vieng, where you stop at 3 or 4 bars on your way floating down the river! - Vang Vieng, Laos


My favorite lookout spot - Korcula, Croatia


An incredible art space we stumbled upon in Pai, Thailand


One of our first views upon starting our road trip of the Great Ocean Road on tour. Absolutely breathtaking!! - Victoria, Australia


Getting into mischief like we always do. Climbing trees and exploring Greenwich Park, London, UK


The reality of standby traveling- just waiting, waiting, airport McDonald's, and waiting some more... All the while wearing a nice skirt in hopes of being given a good seat. Chicago, USA


My very first job in London working at a fashion trade show at Kensington Olympia! - London, UK


While making sure to explore every inch of Sydney in my last few days in the city, I stumbled upon this awesome view. Shark Bay, Sydney, Australia


Watching the scintallating 'shin kicking' competition at the annual Cotswold 'olympicks.' No, I'm not kidding... they do that in England. Read more about it here! Cotswolds, England, UK


Just paddleboarding along in the Whitsundays and came upon some of my own kind! We had some great conversations about all sorts of mermaid things. (Really just some cool statues off Daydream island but let me have my fun) - Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia


Watercolored rocks during my trek through Royal National Park in Sydney. I've never seen any rocks so colorful! - Sydney, Australia


Swimming around the island to find hidden caves and inlets along the jutting cliffs - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand


Post-swim perch watching the waves crash into Queenscliff rock pool - Manly, New South Wales, Australia


Lucky to explore the islands off Stockholm's archipelago with a local, and a dinghy boat! - Stockholm, Sweden


At the start of a new bush walk in Sydney - another of my favorite views! Mosman, NSW, Australia


Stillness and motion while waiting for the tube - London, UK


The most impressive and beautiful waterfall I have seen to date - Kuang Si Falls, Laos (Taken with my Sandmarc pole... my favorite Go Pro accessory!)


Would you believe this view is just outside of Sydney?! Hiking up to the lighthouse in Palm Beach was one of my favorite walks in Sydney. Read more on how to get there here! - Palm Beach, NSW, Australia


On each break from class at UCLA, I would sit in this exact spot. It became like my little happy place! Los Angeles, CA


Chasing some Welsh Waterfalls for a change - Aber Falls, Wales


Apparently Australia has some of the best quality camels and even export them to the Middle East. Who knew?! - Outback, Northern Territory, Australia


Appreciating the intricate patterns and colors that nature can create. - Red Wharf Bay, Wales


An absolute stunner of a sunset - Puerto Rico


Spiral staircases in Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness, Scotland


I tried to put my feet up on my surfboard just to get a nice foot photo... and it was actually really hard. -Manly Beach, Australia


When exploring Koh Phangan solo by scooter, I saw signs for a viewpoint. So I parked and walked up a hill to find this amazing little bar. It was a viewpoint indeed! - Koh Phangan, Thailand


Taking in the Holocaust Memorial - Berlin, Germany


Visiting some salt flats on the way to the Outback in Australia. Our tour guide suggested we lick the salt and take tequila shots.... so we did. When in Rome, right? - Victoria, Australia


Soft white sand, new anklets, and sunshine. - Bamboo Island, Thailand


Got a pretty sweet spot for a picnic with friends. - Sydney, Australia (if you couldn't tell)


We checked into our hotel on the Gold Coast and found our whole tour group had rooms in the same row! - Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Australia


Wine and cheese under the Eiffel tower... what more could you ask for?! - Paris France


When your friends' parents have a hotel room with the best view in Sydney... make sure to lay on their bed, just to pretend you're fancy for a quick sec. - Sydney, Australia


Mid-massive mountain hike in Wales - Anglesey, UK


Sitting in my favorite spot with my feet dangling off the side of the boat during an especially beautiful swim stop - somewhere off Korcula island, Croatia


An amazing achievement - hiking to the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, Utah. What a view!


I seem to love dangling my feet off the edges of cliffs. There's just something thrilling about it... such as the fact that I'm just a few feet away from death. Sorry again, mum. - Grampians National Park, Australia


Thank you a million times for working for the airline, mum & dad.... flight benefits have helped me live the dream I'm living! First class isn't so bad either :P - LAX, California


Exploring the beautiful city of Budapest - Budapest, Hungary


The only way to get to the Tat Sae waterfalls was to take this long, wobbly, wooden boat a few minutes up the river. - Luang Prabang, Laos


Living on the edge is what I do. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


I may not be on the track team anymore, but I still love to run these stadiums! UCLA, California


At the top of a tower after a rainforest hike in Puerto Rico - San Juan, Puerto Rico


Appreciating some color and textures on our cold walks - North Wales, UK


One of my favorite activities on Mljet island is kayaking on the beautiful blue lakes of Mljet National Park - Mljet, Croatia


A beautiful waterfall in the Grampians - Lake Mckenzie, Victoria, Australia


Quite possibly the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had - San Sebastian, Spain

Well, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed all the places my feet have taken me. I know it's hard to believe, but I actually have a face and body apart from these feet, and I would love to take you along on my adventures! Follow me on instagram (@kimmconn) to see other photos I take besides of my feet (there are a lot I swear), on Facebook as Adventures & Sunsets, or twitter also as @kimmconn. Or, you could always just check out my blog. I would love to hear any feedback you may have. Cheers!

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