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This Goes Out To Dads Who Are Nervous About Raising Daughters

"Dear Dad Who Just Had A Daughter" is a sweet and earnest video.

This sweet video in honor of Father's Day goes out to new dads who are nervous about raising a daughter.

"Dear Dad Who Just Had A Daughter" is part of a series of dad-themed videos from Plum Organics' Parenting Unfiltered campaign. In the video, a father shares his anxoius reaction to learning his first child would be a girl. But, he says, "It turns out having a daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me, hands down."

Addressing dads who worry they aren't prepared to raise daughters, he explains, "My girls and I, we do science experiments and we build cities out of bricks and we go to games and we play a little air guitar AND we bake cookies -- because cookies are awesome and so are daughters."

Other videos from the series include "Dear Dad Of A Picky Eater" and "Dear Dad Who isn't Sure Where To Look During Labor."

Sounds like #ParentingUnfiltered indeed.

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