This Google Chrome Extension Replaces ‘Political Correctness’ With Something More Accurate

This election season, being PC gets a bit complicated.
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Election cycle coverage just got a little more palatable thanks to a new Google Chrome extension.

New Zealander Byron Clark set up his web browser to replace the words “political correctness” with the phrase “treating people with respect” -- a move inspired, in part, by a Neil Gaiman quote.

After tweeting some choice screenshots and watching that tweet go viral, Clark created PC2Respect, a Google Chrome extension that can do the same for the rest of us.

The switch won’t always make the Internet a nicer place, but it does show what people are often saying when they complain about things being too PC.


The extension is free, but Clark asks that downloaders donate to causes like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Clark’s app joins Trumpweb, a Google Chrome extension created by Fusion’s own Patrick Hogan that adds ridiculous Donald Trump quotes to every mention of his name.

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