This Great-Great-Grandpa Is Matthew McConaughey's Mustached Doppelgänger

An 1800s photo has left the Internet dazed and confused.

Matthew McConaughey is known to rock some enviable facial scruff, but he's got nothing on his old-school doppelgänger.

Reddit user Sanders Parker posted this throwback photo of his great-great- grandfather earlier this week, who you can't help but notice, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Oscar-winning actor. 

The great-great-grandfather could almost pass for 46-year-old McConaughey in costume for a period piece -- complete with one serious handlebar mustache. 

Matthew McConaughey in 2014.
Matthew McConaughey in 2014.

Parker says his great-great-grandpa was named Andrew Sanders and tells The Huffington Post that the photo was likely taken sometime in the late 1800s.

"He was a doctor in Alabama," Parker said in an email. "He used the train and a buggy to travel to and from patients."

Sanders went to Tulane University in Louisiana and graduated with a medical degree. The photo was originally posted by Sanders' uncle on Facebook and got people talking about the celebrity resemblance. They family has tried to dig deeper into their forefather's life but haven't learned too much more. 

In just two days, the photo has gone viral with over a million views and coverage from major organizations including ABC News, FOX News and E! Online. 

Users have their own theories to explain the likeness in the photo, which Parker says has not been photoshopped. "Time is a flat circle," said one Reddit user. Another called McConaughey a "vampire."

Sanders isn't the only grandpa to take the Reddit world by storm. In February, the now-famous "handsome grandpa" set hearts aflutter in a 1950 photo, showing a soldier flashing a dazzling smile. 

As for Sanders, much like his Hollywood lookalike, we can only imagine he was quite the ladies man back in his day. 



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