This Man's Photos Of Random Stuff In His Hair Are Wacky And Delightful

One man's curly locks -- and the objects he puts in them -- are bringing smiles to thousands of people across the internet.

Ahmad El-Abi, an Egyptian photographer, started the #StuffedHair project after a photo he posted of himself with rubber ducks in his hair got a positive reaction online, Instagram's blog reported. Since then it has taken off, with people all over the world checking Instagram to see what he'll put in his hair next.

"I hope to inspire others to open their eyes, to do what they love and to discover more about what they can do, because when I started photography three years ago, I didn’t know I would be doing conceptual/creative photography," El-Abi told the Instagram blog. "I really love it when someone says my photos cheer them up because they are colorful and funny."

The whimsical project involves pictures of the Instagrammer with all kinds of colorful and interesting items in his hair -- from Lego blocks to lollipops to kitchen utensils -- and it's sure to amuse you. Enjoy!

Check out El-Abi's #StuffedHair project, as well as his other photography, on his Instagram account.



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