This Guy Came Up With The Most Genius Way To Quit His Job


This dude was so creative in how he quit, there's no way his boss can even be mad. 

Redditor Alex Lowther, who decided to quit his job at The Original Pizza Place in Marietta, Ohio, put in his two weeks in the most genius way ― with a sympathy card. 

Lowther recently shared the card on the social media site and of course, sent the internet into a fit of giggles. 

The Redditor told the Huffington Post that because hours were slim at the pizzeria, he’d picked up a job at the local brewery and ended up transitioning there full time.

Since he’s always had a good relationship with the restaurant’s staff, Lowther explained he wanted to leave in a humorous fashion, providing them with some laughs on his way out.

And it seems his plan was successful. Lowther told HuffPost the card ended being very well-received as the staff “loved” it. 

We have to say, we love it too. It's truly a pizza work. 




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