This Guy Fieri Bathing Suit Is Real, and It Is Unbelievable

By Elizabeth Licata, Editor

The Guy Fieri bathing suit has flaming sunglasses and an awkwardly placed blond goatee

<strong>Guy Fieri&#39;s larger than life-sized face is all over this bathing suit, and it must be seen to be believed.</stron
Guy Fieri's larger than life-sized face is all over this bathing suit, and it must be seen to be believed.

Finding a great bathing suit is difficult enough for a person who is just looking for something attractive, stylish, and affordable. If that person were also looking for a swimsuit that tells the world she is a die-hard fan of Guy Fieri and a full-time resident of Flavortown, she would have been out of luck, until now. Now someone has gone and made a Guy Fieri bathing suit, and it is completely unbelievable.

The Guy Fieri bathing suit
The Guy Fieri bathing suit

Fieri’s face is also on the back of the bathing suit, because if you’re going to put one giant face of Guy Fieri on a bathing suit, you might as well put two. This way people will be able to see the face of Fieri when the wearer is coming and going.

It’s not entirely clear who is the market for celebrity chef bathing suits, but anybody who wants to splash around the beach with Guy Fieri’s larger-than-life face on her torso must be pretty entertaining to hang out with.

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