This Guy Loves Playing Recorder More Than You've Ever Loved Anything

The hunt for big flute: Sasquatch of Los Angeles.

Pablo Picasso had his paintbrush.

Monet had his water lily pond.

And this guy? He has a recorder, which he plays with a passion exceeding every elementary-school music teacher's wildest dreams:

 Alex Grosse spotted the man rocking out amid Los Angeles traffic and uploaded a video of the "pied piper" to YouTube on Wednesday. In the video, Grosse looks on with an approving, bemused smile as the unknown man vigorously toots his own horn to John Fogerty's "I Saw It On TV."

Earlier this month, the mystery musician made waves with this performance, crushing ZZ Top's "La Grange," to the clear amusement of pedestrians nearby:

He's also been spotted multiple other times, all of which leads us to wonder: Just who is this mythical creature?