This Man Turned His Cringe-Worthy Sunburn Into A Funny PSA

"Shout out to the white line at the top of my face, you’re the real MVP.”

When sportswriter and commentator Stephen Campbell got a bad sunburn, he didn’t try to hide it. Instead, he turned his terrible burn into a teachable moment while filming a video for the website he works for, called Odds Shark.

“Before I start this video I’d like to take a moment to talk about a very important issue,” Campbell said. “It’s imperative to wear sunscreen when you’re outside on a sunny day. How important? Take a look at my face right now unless you want to be an idiot like me and come into work with the most ridiculous sunburn in the history of mankind. Slap that s**t on.”

He jokingly added, “Shout out to the white line at the top of my face, you’re the real MVP.”

In a tweet, Campbell said that the cause of his sunburn was playing a few more softball games then he expected. As of a few days ago, he was still bathing in aloe vera (something we can all relate to).

People on Twitter loved Campbell’s great sense of humor:

And a few users went ahead and made their own jokes:

But Campbell’s PSA to wear sunscreen is an important one. New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman told HuffPost that it’s imperative to wear SPF 30 every day to fight wrinkles, early aging and prevent skin cancer.

“Only five minutes in the sun daily can add up to red spots, brown spots, rough texture and fine lines,” Jaliman said in a 2015 interview with HuffPost.

Check out our guides here to figure out the right kind of sunscreen for you.

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