This Guy Wore The Same Shirt For Every Yearbook Photo For Seven Years

Justin Taylor is the king of School Picture Day.

Oh, shirt!

Justin Taylor always hated posing for photographs, but decided that if he had to do it, he’d have a little fun.

The now-34-year-old posted a collection of his yearbook photos from grades six through 12 on Twitter, and there is something very similar about them ...

Taylor wore the same Billabong T-shirt for every yearbook picture day from sixth grade to senior year of high school. 

And, no, it wasn’t totally planned.

“It kind [of] happened by accident the first two years, and then I just went with it,” Taylor told HuffPost. “I thought it would be funny to watch how I looked just change over time while wearing the same shirt.”

The result is truly great, especially because Taylor’s haircuts and facial hair evolves in different ways. One Twitter user even compared his final portrait to Jake Gyllenhaal in “Bubble Boy.”

As for the shirt itself, Taylor doesn’t even remember where he got it from, but wanted to wear it for the photos because he “thought [he] was a pretty hilarious kid.” His parents, however, didn’t find the stunt so funny.

“My parents complained every year about why they were wasting money on the photos when I didn’t take them seriously,” he told us. “But I thought it was amazing. And I still have the shirt!”

Taylor shared a photo of him wearing the shirt now:

Taylor also told HuffPost that he wore the shirt in his driver’s license photo and under his dress shirt at prom, but couldn’t find those photos to share.

As for the fate of the shirt, Taylor tweeted that he’ll have to pass it on to his children one day. We can only hope they share his humor and help the yearbook stunt live on.

What a tradition that would be.



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