This Hilarious Coloring Book Is For All The Moms

A great way to relieve parenting-related stress.

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. They are a great way to de-stress and take a quiet moment for yourself -- and who needs that more than a parent?

Kathy Shimmield was checking out the adult coloring book options one day when she had an idea: "The sarcastic side of me thought, 'Gee, I'd be more interested in this if it was more humorous, if it made me laugh ... ideally at myself and my experiences.'"

So Shimmield worked with illustrator Joshua Lagman to create "A Day In The Life Of Mom." It's an adult coloring book for moms, complete with hilarious (and typical) scenes from a parent's life, paired with funny captions. "It just popped into my mind how funny it would be to combine a satirical but honest view of what parents go through, only have it done with nice illustrations to make it into an adult coloring book," she said.

And Shimmield hopes the coloring book will give moms "a really well-deserved good laugh, and some much-needed stress relief." And if you're already finished coloring your copy in, she has a second version of the book coming out in a couple of weeks. Grab your markers and enjoy.

Kathy Shimmield
Find the book here.
Kathy Shimmield
"Wouldn't it be great if with every new child you grew another arm?"
Kathy Shimmield
"You no longer have to worry about food stains while feeding your baby!
Now you can color in your outfit to match!!

No one will know; it's our secret!"
Kathy Shimmield
"This is what you'd like your child to eat.
The other plate is the pasta plate that they actually eat."
Kathy Shimmield
"You remember your 8th grade Algebra right?
What about Common Core Math with your younger child?
Yes, you guessed it ... it's homework time!
Kathy Shimmield
"Here's a familiar sight.
Dishes in the kitchen sink.
Oh look, there are multiple glasses because your kid didn't wash the glass they had just used ... again!"
Kathy Shimmield
"Congratulations! You made it to bedtime.
Now all you have to do is stay awake through the bedtime story.
Good luck!"
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