This Honeybun That Looks Like ET Is Struggling

If only if had Reese's Pieces on it...

Have you ever eaten a honey bun? They’re gooey and always sort of wet, but ― to some ― they’re quite delicious.

Danielle York, 37, of Manchester, NH is one of these individuals who enjoys honey buns. But when she bought one at Walmart last week, she was in for more of a treat than she expected.

The sweet snack she purchased looked exactly like E.T. the extraterrestrial.

York then tweeted her bun because, well, look at it.

Since the tweet, the bun has gone viral.

“My friend Tom Puskarich posted it to Reddit,” York told The Huffington Post. “He was getting hundreds of messages/alerts about it.”

Despite the honey bun being called a “cinnamon roll” on Reddit, the site then did what it does best and ran with the alien-faced bun.

There were edited photos.

There were shirts.

There were dirty comments.

We’ll never look at those ancient honey buns in vending machines the same again.

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