This Iconic NYC Gay Bar Is Celebrating Its 20-Year Anniversary

Congratulations, Barracuda!

One of the most iconic gay bars in New York City just reached a massive milestone -- its 20-year anniversary.

Barracuda opened in 1995 in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and has served as a point of entry for many drag performers who have gone on to international fame. On Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015, 18 drag queens gathered to honor this bar that has played such a seminal role in their careers.

"Barracuda itself has changed relatively little over the years," said Bob Pontarelli. "If we changed too much we would no longer be who we are. But the role of gay bars in general has changed significantly... And in many ways mirrored the changes in society at large. Still, there remains a very important need for places to come together, bond and enjoy the company of your "tribe" and to celebrate your uniqueness"

Check out the video above to celebrate Barracuda's 20th anniversary and head here for more info about the bar.