This Image Could Explain Why The Joker's Scenes Were Cut From 'Suicide Squad'

It seems to suggest a darker relationship between him and Harley Quinn.
Are you ready for this? 
Are you ready for this? 

After months of method acting and countless interviews about his crazy stunts as Joker, Jared Leto was shocked when many of his scenes were cut from “Suicide Squad.” A lot of it may have to do with his controversial abusive relationship with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. 

Many believe Joker and Harley Quinn’s scenes were cut to limit their physically and verbally abusive “love,”  which is presented in the comics and allegedly the first, darker version of director David Ayer’s movie. (Remember that leaked footage from last year that showed Joker knocking Harley out? Yeah.)

Reddit user Naydawwwg submitted a list of apparent alternate cuts from the movie a few weeks ago, which pointed to a violent, deadly scene between Joker and Quinn as proof their relationship was supposed to be way more fucked-up than audiences saw. The Reddit user said that in a supposed original cut of the movie, Joker pushes Harley out of the helicopter after he rescues her in an effort to kill her. 

And thanks to a new photo by way of Rolling Stone Brazil, the picture appears to confirm the above theory by suggesting that Joker was scolding Quinn, as opposed to the happier version of their relationship we see in the movie. 

In the “Suicide Squad” that made it to theaters, the couple rides off together in a helicopter and, after it gets shot down, Joker pushes Harley out to save her.  

Like Leto so insensitively said in an interview with IGN, we’ll just wait until he, um, dies to see the rest of his (and Harley’s) scenes. 



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