This Influencer Is Focused on Spreading Good News

Episode 4 of The #CommunityBuilder Series featuring influencer Branden Harvey
Episode 4 of The #CommunityBuilder Series featuring influencer Branden Harvey

In this episode of The #CommunityBuilder Series, I sit down with influencer Branden Harvey, who focuses on telling stories of positivity across the globe.

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Over the course of 2016 Branden Harvey built a large community of individuals who believe in focusing on the good in the world. His podcast, Sounds Good, interviews resilient and hopeful world-changers, and his weekly Goodnewsletter shares curated good news stories that remind us that good is winning. Through sharing positive stories, Branden has been fortunate enough to rally people around the ideas of hope, social justice, and overcoming struggles. Through engaging people in a meaningful way across social media, Branden has amassed a community of over 250,000 people.

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Instagram: @BrandenHarvey

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