China Tries To Dispel Bad Rap With Actual Bad Rap

"The red dragon ain't no evil."

This next hot track comes from China's Communist Youth League.

That's right, a wing of the Chinese Communist Party just released a rap video to correct any misconceptions foreigners might have about their country.

"This is China” opens with the intent to "restore the impression you have [of] my country," asserting that international media has misrepresented China.

The video was a joint project between the youth league and CD REV, a Chengdu-based rap group.

The song runs down a list of problems that China has faced, such as struggles with pollution, food safety challenges like the melamine milk scandal, vaccination issues, illegal business operations and crooked politicians. It also tries to explain mainland China's relationship with Taiwan.

And then there's the optimistic chorus:

This is China

We love the country, we the Chi-phenomena

The red dragon ain't no evil

But a peaceful place

The beautiful land with rich culture remain

The video was posted to the microblog site Weibo on Tuesday and quickly garnered tens of thousands of likes and shares, according to the media site Sixth Tone.

Of course, Chinese media has a history of trying to win over the hearts and minds of people abroad. Under tight government regulation, it has resorted to catchy outlets like this rap video or, for example, an animated video promoting the country's five-year plan.