This Is For All The Women Personally Victimized By Their Office A/C

F**k you, office air conditioning.

“The women’s winter is here. The freeze is upon us,” a recent parody video from College Humor begins.

If you’re not sure what “women’s winter” is, it’s when the warm weather hits and offices turn their air conditioning on so that workspaces become ice cold. Women everywhere are forced to bring extra sweaters, blankets and even sometimes towels to survive the work day.

According to College Humor’s brilliant parody video, women’s winter is “when spring turns to summer and there’s blossom on the trees, the office air doth turns to ice and all the women freeze.”

Basically it’s when the women in the office look like this:

And all the dudes look like this:

It is a frosty nightmare, to say the least. (Even science says office temperatures are set for men, not women.)

In the video, one woman comes into the office in a sundress and sandals, forgetting that it’s now women’s winter. The other three women are layered in different fur coats.

The four women retreat to the bathroom in order to survive the freezing temperatures. “The bathroom is a completely different ecosystem than the office,” one of the women explains. “It’s always at least 10 degrees closer to the outside temperature because the company refuses to pay to climate control the bathrooms.”

The one downfall of hiding in the bathroom? “If we stay in here more than 15 minutes, everyone will think we’re pooping. And that’s worse than freezing to death.”

So. Much. Truth.

Watch the full video above.

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