Of Course Hillary Clinton's Favorite Meme Involves Women's Health

Because, you know, she actually cares about women!

In a world where memes run amok, it makes perfect sense that even Hillary Clinton has a favorite.

It also makes perfect sense that the one she loves involves women’s health.

At the Women in the World Summit in New York on Thursday, Clinton was interviewed by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and talked about what it’s like to be an ambitious woman in today’s cultural climate, running for office and, naturally, the internet.

Clinton said her favorite thing on the wondrous wasteland that is the World Wide Web is the “GIF” where dogs are sitting around a table at a meeting.

The “GIF” she’s referring to is actually a meme (we forgive you, Hil) and it’s an image that’s become a jab at the White House’s photograph of a bunch of men surrounding President Donald Trump as he signs an executive order reinstating an anti-abortion policy known as the global gag rule.

The canine iteration of the meme involves the dogs discussing “feline health.” 

The image, created by Brian Eckert but meme-ified by Justin Shanes, shows the absurdity of the Trump photo in clear, uh, cats and dogs.

That wasn’t Clinton’s only piece of biting commentary on men in government. During another part of the interview with Kristof, Clinton remarked that she was incredulous that men questioned why they should cover maternity care.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you were dropped by immaculate conception,” she quipped.

Oh, Hil. Thanks for being a badass.



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