This Is How Diddy Really Feels About Obama's Presidency

There you have it, folks.

Lately, it seems, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is all about politics.

Last month, the music mogul shared his thoughts on how America’s voting process is flawed, and now, in an appearance on HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning show, he has offered his assessment on President Obama’s performance.

“We got people to vote. We planted the seed that got Obama in office. That’s something I’m very proud of,” he said in reference to his Citizen Change campaign encouraging voters to vote for Obama in 2008. “We got Obama into office for the give back. Where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?” 

The 46-year-old added that President Obama has done great things during his term, but feels that he could’ve provided more for the black community.

“It’s like direct aid. Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Let's not try to hide it,” he said. “Unapologetically spending billions of dollars to uplift black communities, and say ‘black people.’ Yes, black people need help. Let’s stop skirting around what it is.”

Check out more of Puff Daddy’s political thoughts (beginning at the 22:30 mark) in the clip above.

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