This Prank Is Proof That We All Blindly 'Like' Engagement Photos

This is how you cheat the system.


LA-based comedian Zach Broussard is 31. These days, his Facebook and Instagram news feeds are pretty much inundated with engagement photos.

"It can get really depressing when your entire feed is people celebrating life events and all you're doing is sitting around, checking Facebook," Broussard told The Huffington Post Monday. 

Given that -- and because Broussard is the type of guy who likes "posting fake brags on social media, just as a goof" -- pulling a prank centered around engagement pics seemed like a no-brainer. 

The setup was simple: Broussard and some friends -- including his girlfriend Mary -- headed to Barnsdall Park in L.A. and asked people to pose and post engagement photos with total strangers. Here's Broussard's "engagement" pic, with a woman who is not his girlfriend.


The pranksters racked in the "likes" -- and few of their Facebook friends seemed to care or notice that the other person in the photo was a complete stranger:


Broussard himself admitted that it felt great to get over over 350 "likes" on his faux-engagement pic on Facebook. Reading the comments was easily the best part. 

"I've got a few friends on Facebook that I don't know in person and their reactions were the best," he told us. "They were so sincere... despite not knowing me at all. That was kind of sweet." 

Of course, reactions from people who weren't just high school acquaintances were more along the lines of "CALL ME. What the hell is going on here?!"

In the end, Broussard said the prank "was a real confidence boost for everyone involved. And totally unearned."

Watch the video above to see how the whole social media experiment played out. 


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