How 36 Women React To The Word 'Abortion'

A new video shows the varied ways women feel about reproductive rights.

In the latest video from their "One Word" series, Cut Video asked 36 women, from ages 15 to 50, to respond to the word "abortion." The participants were asked to share the first thought that came to mind when they heard the term.

Those involved shared a wide scope of views. Many, like 22-year-old Madison, responded that abortion is a woman's right.

"[It's] her choice," said 32-year-old Maureen. "At one week, or 20 weeks. It's up to her."

Others were staunchly anti-abortion. Fifteen-year-old Melissa described abortion as "killing," because "They're basically killing the baby. Even though it's still in the mom." Anna, age 20, responded that abortion is "wrong."

"I've always been pro-life," she said. "I feel like when people are pro-choice, they always just think of the mom... people don't think about the person that's inside of you, or the life that doesn't have a voice."

Ten women interviewed associated the word "choice" with abortion. However, the video reminds us that a woman's right to choose is still far from being accepted across the board -- even by women themselves.

Watch the full video above.



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